Friday, July 6, 2007

Birthday & Fetching Update...

I'll go with topics today

Birthday !
My birthday is kind of extended this year. On Tuesday I brought fruit to work, most people loved (one person wanted donuts) and then the team took me out to lunch. Aside from two badly rendered versions of "Happy Birthday" (one in the office and one at restaurant) it was very cool! (ok, the singing was kind of nice too, cuz I felt special but shh! ). On Wednesday (actual birthday) we went to Six Flags, just me and my son which was a good day to me. On Saturday, I'll celebrate with family and get cake, presents and fireworks! *grin*

Six Flags
We had a blast! Amazingly, for the fact that it was beautiful out and most people had the day off, there were very small lines. Superman (which is still one of the newer rides) had a 40 minute line but the rest were in the 10-15 minute range. At least the ones we went on. There are a few rides that son won't brave yet. We got to go on everything we wanted to and more than once if we desired. We even got to see a couple shows. It would have been perfect if it weren't for the . . .

ok, I'm a mom and I'm fair skinned. I totally understand the purpose and wonderfulness of sunscreen. Really! However, the sunscreen we had was the goopy lotion kind and I didn't want to put that on and then drive with leather seats for over an hour. So I thought "no problem, we'll put on when we get there". After being in the gates "crud, forgot the sunscreen in the car, alright we'll get it at lunch time, it's not that sunny should be fine". Went to car at lunch time, went back to park and I bet you can guess... forgot it again! At this point I'm feeling lazy, I don't want to hike to the car again. I'll look for some inside the park. I mean, after all, people fry here every day, they could really mark-up sunscreen. Nope, none in the park. Well, it's getting to evening and I'm already burnt, I'll just tough it out. (this is the point when obviously I didn't really remember how bad it would feel) So by the time we leave at 7:30pm, I'm fried on arms, chest and neck/back. Thursday, I felt very sick and actually went home early from work because I was nauseous. After a lot of water and gatorade, I'm doing much better now.

I know this is the part you were really waiting for! It's pretty fast considering I haven't been knitting long (none on the 4th, only a little on the 5th) and I did frog it completely once. (when the big-gap beginning aggravated me). First time doing cables and there was quite the panic when I dropped a bunch of stitches while doing one. Still not sure if I fixed it correctly but I think I faked it ok since I can't figure out anymore which cable it was. The nice thing is that the yarn is just fuzzy enough that it's forgiving on the details. Here's a picture in progress...

Happy Knitting!



Dragonfly said...

I feel I should mention that family this year is a subset of our already pretty small family. Sis is away living the Mojave life she's earned and Dad is away. That leaves my mom, my son and my grandma.

camillaknits said...

Ha! That just means there's more cake for all of you! glad to hear you had fun, in spite of trying to fry yourselves at the park. The kids want to go there every time we come up to Wisconsin... I have never been to that one. The rollercoaster rides look fierce... like Tyra *fierce*. I might barf. I'd be happy to go with you next year, though! (I come with a ready-made crowd. And we require cake.) Cami

Kelly said...

You would qualify as a "pink tourist". Pale people burn and look "pink" all over. Usually in constrast to the white on the underside of the arms, back of the knees etc. :)

On a observational note, after not seeing the word "subset" for I would say years.. this is the fifth time I have seen it used. Must be a computer/geeky term. :)