Thursday, May 21, 2009

Socks & short condo update

Both socks featured today are knit with Keegan Lane Yarns, both from the "A Club for All Seasons". The first finished socks are done with the Winter colorway, a color with inspiration from bluebirds. I don't think I ever posted on here but some know that I was originally depressed at the first sock not fitting. Luckily, a good wet block on the sock blockers and they fit! (still a little tight to get on over the heel but comfy after they are on)

The one in progress is from the Spring colorway and I'm loving the way it's coming out. I started it last weekend and it's already further than this picture. (the bottom picture is from the weekend when I sat in the park amongst the dandelions knitting happily and quietly)

The condo is going very well so far. There was quite a back and forth fiasco with another one that I never bothered posting about because it was going up and down so fast that I couldn't keep up and it was frustrating. This one has been smooth sailing so far. Son and I both love it, the inspection has gone well. Working on financing right now but not anticipating any troubles. In theory, I should be closing and moving in July, so spending some time packing already. Here's a picture of my favorite spot in my bedroom... it looks like the perfect spot to sit, knit, read or whatever...

Side note: I just added a widget for Plurking after an invite from the other Dragonfly-Vicki. I haven't done twitter or plurk but it seems to be the thing to do these days for quick updates.


Lee said...

Congratulates. Hope all goes well with the new home.

knittingdragonflies said...

Glad to see you on Plurk, seems to be a lot of knitters there.
Socks look good, I seem to have trouble with sock gauge unless I knit them together on one needle. Uptight for one or too relaxed for the other. Tee Hee
Great to hear about the condo