Sunday, April 12, 2009

Experiences with Unwind Yarns

Shannon of Unwind Yarns is just a lovely person. I first purchased a skein of her yarn when I went to Stitches Midwest last year. (see here) That yarn became the Knotty or Knice socks. I've always loved her tagline "Throwing Sheep into Rainbows". I loved it so much that I joined a yarn club she has. The first month, I thought that I ordered soon enough to get that month's shipment but didn't see it. I emailed Shannon to ask if I should actually wait until the next month and she was surprised I didn't have my package yet. After giving it a little more time, she sent a second one. After some time went by, she emailed me saying it came back "Return to Sender", but I had never received. So we tried again. Third time was the charm and I got my package that time. (we never did find the first one).

In all this time, Shannon was so sweet and we talked a bit about other things and I've just grown to really love her personality, her yarns, the colors... just everything. So when she asked me to review some patterns and test knit a couple, I had to say yes.

So first, I test knit these Spazz Fingerless Gloves. The pattern can be purchased through Ravelry, here. The yarn she sent is her fingering Zinfandel line. It's wonderfully soft and nice to work with. (I've ordered more)

Son saw the gloves and kept trying to steal them so I told him I'd make him his own pair if he found some yarn he liked. Funny thing, Shannon sent some deep purple yarn from her Merlot Fingering line a few days later and he said "That's the yarn!" So in just about a week, I knit a second pair which he's not taking off. Also pictured is "Sparky" a dragon from WebKinz and a tic-tac-toe board he made in his 6th grade metal shop course.

As a side note, I'm also test knitting a sock pattern for Shannon that's going well but I can't share that one yet.

Anyway, I recommend checking her site out, trying her yarn, joining the Unwind Yarns Ravelry group (She's Khetala on Ravelry)

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Suna said...

That seems like a great man's fingerless glove pattern. I will have to check it out!