Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Birthday, and finally some knitting

I was able to see my friend, yay!! One of the things she brought me was the little doll here. (she gave me the larger one a few years back) The little one is named "American Millie", her birthday is July 4th, just like me and she loves fireworks, ferris wheels and fireflies, also like me.

From son, with help from Grandma and MojaveSis, I got a Knit Picks gift certificate! I can't wait to go use that, there are books I've been eyeing and I love that new Essential Kettle Dye yarn.

Next, although my mom wasn't totally sure why I wanted it, I got this postage scale which I'm thrilled about. I've already used it to verify that I have more than half of a skein of yarn left after making socks (which I've always suspected since I like short socks) . And the scale has been used already to weigh the package below. It's for a swap partner, hope she likes it!

Now, I promised knitting update pictures so I've got the Moderne Baby Blanket, it has 4.5 more blocks to go. I've also started Knitty's Spring Forward socks except I'm doing them toe-up. The yarn is from Perfect Day Yarns and is named Whoops because it wasn't quite what was intended, I think it's really pretty and I'm happy with how it's coming out.

Well, it's almost the end of the weekend, so enjoy the new week!



Chelsea said...

I really wish I had more weekend to work with and a postage scale. I am jealous of your KP gift certificate too. My dad's birthday is on the 4th and when he was young thought the firework were for him.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday and got such nice presents. The postage scale is SUCH a good idea for yarn!

apryl said...

the postage scale is great! i have a food scale that i use all the's especially nice for splitting skeins for socks.

the blanket is looking fabulous!

LotusKnits said...

Happy belated birthday! Those are some great gifts!!

camillaknits said...

Happy Yarn Scale day to you, Happy Cool Gift Cert to you, Happy Groovy Girls day to you-oooh, Happy Your Pal's an Ass for not saying so earlier, "Yay, it's your B-Day" to you... and much more yarn. (The end)