Thursday, July 3, 2008

Birthday stuffs!

On MojaveSis's blog you can see presents she sent me as they were wrapped. The box came today and I got to unwrap with her on the phone.

  • Keegan Lane Yarn in "Mojitos & Margaritas" color

  • hand-dyed yarn that sis kool-aid dyed (it smells like kool-aid which means son and I keep sniffing it)

  • a sock pattern I've been wanting (if you look on Sis's blog, it's the Tendril Embrace she's been working on)

  • a Starbucks card which I immediately registered. (do you know you can get most of the "flavors" added for free if you use a registered card?)

  • a brand new, shrink wrapped first edition of The Stand (1990 "uncut" version, not 1978 original). She won it at a silent auction. She said she bid on it because she knew it was one of my favorite books.


Kelly said...

YAY! On birthday stuffs!

I wanted to send you a care package also but I have been sick. ;( Drat!

What plans do you have?

razorknitgirl said...

Happy B-day knitter pal!

Lee said...

Happy birthday!

I’m not sure which version of The Stand I prefer. The cut version always felt too short, but the uncut version felt unnecessarily bloated. Sigh. But both are worthwhile.

Dragonfly said...

I'm not sure that I've ever read the uncut version. I ignored King for quite some time and I still have some I love and some I don't care for at all. I think I read it first when the mini-series came out so I'm sure I read the uncut from the beginnning.

knitting dragonfly said...

Happy birthday!!
Great package there.