Monday, May 19, 2014

DragonflySoars 20140519, A Delay That Works Out

Current Charity
For next charity Mother Bear Project. Note that there are now 4 different patterns so select the one you want.
  • Knitting in the round, seamless
  • Knitting Flat
  • Crochet Flat
  • Crochet Seamless

  • Mother Bear Crochet Flat
  • Mother Bear Crochet Seamless (in the round)
  • Mandala Rug

Works In Progress

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1 comment:

Enid said...

one word covers this podcast....... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't do toys, but admire those made by others. and your bears are great.

The Mandala rug is fantastic.

Yarn for the mystery shawl is so pretty, looking forward to completion