Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DragonflySoars 20120306, Spoonful of Sugar


Contest! Enter to win on Ravelry thread, what are you most proud of from this past year? There will be three prizes given out, include:
Other Random Mentions


Sue said...

“Apparently Sunday was Sunday” hehe that was cute! I’m glad to know someone else who watches Desperate Housewives. I thought I was the only one left watching. Lol The Multnomah looks beautiful! I hope your socks shrink down once you are finished. It’s beautiful yarn!

Mim58 said...

Congratulations on your upcoming Podiversary! I've watched and enjoyed every one.

The Multonomah is just beautiful!

Enid said...

We all have days were the time doesn't match our thinking. Realising can be a shock if on a schedule.
The colours of the Multonomah suit you. Yes, I saw Tiff and she just seemed to wiggle her fingers to place the shawl. Her hair isn't an obstruction, either.