Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Beginning

To those new to videos here's a couple notes:
  • There is an ad at the beginning, just watch through it, if there are enough viewers, it earns a whopping 3 cents per ad or something like that. (I'm not actually thinking that will pay off but hey, I'll leave it)
  • There seems to be an ad that doesn't play, so if you have the spinning thing for a long time, refresh the page, that seems to work ok.
  • The little tv/monitor icon on the bottom right will make this full screen
  • You can also go to to view

Works in Progress (WIP)

Finished Knitting

Sipalu Bag from Knit Picks Palette

Finished Object
Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf knit with The Unique Sheep Eos base in Pewter Earth colorway (in the recording I say it's the Eos colorway, that was incorrect, it's the Eos base yarn)

Big Footies from Keegan Lane Yarns by Meliabella, Rumplestilskin Colorway

Future Project
Dawnsinger/Habitat Scoks by Janel Laidman

I mention the Philosopher's Wool technique of catching the yarn every other stitch. They have videos of this on their site. Two-Handed Knitting Technique

Happy Stitches


InkyOrchid said...

That was really cute! Melissa's yarn looks beautiful and the shawls are gorgeous!

I hope Missy continues to cameo, although I understand why she had to get shut out. Leia, my cat, nips me when I'm talking on the phone.

Kelly said...

Wow! I loved your video! :) I look forward to more.

Lisa B. said...

Loved your first episode! You are too darned cute! All of your colorwork projects are making me envious, and your Evenstar is gorgeous. I fear I'm going to break down and add that to my queue yet, even though I totally swore off round shawls after my ill-fated Hemlock Ring disaster. :}

Lisa said...

Fabulous first episode - you are so inspiring! I would normally shy away from anything colorwork BUT wow, you make me really want to try it. Can't wait for more episodes!

knittingdragonflies said...

Look at you! Yay!
Keep this up!

Dragonfly said...

Thank you to everyone for the comments!!

penelope10 said...

Loved the video, but it was really hard to hear it. I had my volumn way up.

angoraspinner said...

Your video was perfect!!! Will definitely continue to watch.

Dragonfly said...

To Penelope, I'm sorry that you had trouble hearing. I have asked others and they did not have that same issue. Did you have the same issue with other audio or just this one?

MissMandiGirl said...

Great episode!!!!