Saturday, March 21, 2009

From broken man to Egyptian God!

Ok, my mom doesn't have a blog but she sent the following as an email and I just had to share with everyone else because I'm so impressed (and the story is funny). The names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty.....


First he was a he-man and all the girls loved him...then through a tragic accident, he became a paraplegic....but now, through the miracles of science...he's a GOD!


He was MojaveKnitter's first Ken doll and when she was in 2nd grade and playing with the girl across the street, the girl broke him in the middle trying to make him sit. MojaveKnitter was heartbroken. And Mom couldn't fix him, that cheap plastic and all, so not wanting to throw him out, but now only played with when they really needed an extra doll, basically useless....he remained in the suitcase with the doll clothes.

BUT now, years later...(MojaveKnitter is 30 now) through the miracles of modern science, we can rebuild him! We can make him stronger.... faster..... expence was spared.... Ok so it was some carpet thread, a button, little paint, glue and Fimo....but now he's Anubis and in with my Egyption dolls. Oh and those are parchment paintings on the background, not taking the plastic off, until I get my room box for this group...... someday.



WITH THE WOMEN... (yes, she did them too, aren't they beautiful?)


drey said...

This is AWESOME!!! =) Totally cool! =P

Suna said...

Hail Anubis!

Lee said...

Way, way cool!