Friday, March 6, 2009

Food for Thought, #6 and #7

I'm a bit behind on Food for Thought and I don't want Lee thinking his questions are too hard just because I'm a slacker.....

Food for Thought #6 - Nature vs Nurture
Appetizer: Read the appetizer in full before acting. Focus on this screen. Then close your eyes and turn your head to the right. What is the first thing your eyes focus on when you open them?
Well, the first day I read Lee's post, I did this and my focus landed on my big knitting bag. It's the bag that holds all the small project bags. Doing it right now, I see peanuts because son just decided I needed them.

Soup: When something good happens to someone you work with, how do you react?
Assuming that it's someone that I know well, I'm truly happy for them and often proud because they've earned it and I've watched them work toward that goal.

Salad: If something happened in your career that doubled your income, what is the first thing you would do?
pay bills and buy a home

Entré: How do we acquire our drives, the parts of us that make us want to accomplish one thing versus another thing?
I'm not sure, I do know that it's only been in recent years that I've really discovered the things that drive me. I am driven my learning and then sharing that knowledge. I'm driven by helping others reach their goals, whether in their careers or just to finally knit that sock heel.

Dessert: What made you happy today?
See previous blog entry... yarn, shoes, lunch out!

Food for Thought #7 - Weekend Edition

Appetizer: When it comes to the weekend, do they usually measure up to your expectations?

I don't put that much pressure on my weekends. We may have plans, we may not. If we have plans they tend to be relaxed, time with friends or family. If we don't, it means a weekend home reading, knitting, video games... We get the chores done that need to get done but don't stress too much about it. Every other weekend we have bowling league. (Adult/Junior league so son and I are a team)

Soup: What good thing happened this week that you were not expecting?

Lunch out with my team today. It was not planned but it was fun, I need to make time to do that more often.

Salad: If one end of a scale is, “I like to have every second of my day planned and executed according to that plan”
and the other end is “I like to take life as it comes, completely spontaneously,” where do you fit?

I find this one a little difficult. When I have plans, I like them to have them go according to the plan but I don't like to have every minute of my day planned, I need true downtime where there are no expectations. I'm not good with spontaneity, this is something I've been working to improve in the past few years. Generally my first instinct to a surprise change in plans is "NO" but I have had to train myself to do a quick check and really think about these opportunities.

Entré: Do things just happen, or do we control what happens in our lives?

I believe that there is a fate that guides us, that puts us in the right place at the right time. However, as Kelly says in her responses I agree with the sentiment "luck is when preparation meets opportunity". I believe that taking opportunities to learn and grow will allow you to answer the knock when it comes.

Dessert: What are your plans, if any, for the weekend.

We are visiting my parents this weekend. There are no real plans when we are there so it will probably involve catching up, watching kitties play, knitting and watching BBC America (which we don't have at our place).


Lee said...

I would never think you are a slacker. Isn’t there a movement among bloggers for blogging only when you are so moved?

But other than that, two meals at one sitting...I appreciate the effort.

Lee said...

So when I reloaded your page after making my last comment, I saw the “Blogging without Obligation” logo. That’s what I was thinking about, and there it is!

Dragonfly said...

Well, I had intended to do #6 but life got away from me. Blogging without obligation, but I like doing the meals and feel like I'm supporting your efforts!

Kelly said...

I had intended to do the other two also, but it didn't happen.

I enjoy how the meals make me think. I had trouble finding the page since I saved a particular entry and had trouble getting to your main page until I figured it out. (duh!)

I appreciate the effort and thought Lee puts into his questions. Many do not know this about me, but I lost both of my parents in 2000, six weeks apart. Long story.. March 6th would have been their 45th anniversary. Also, March 6th 2001, I had my first cornea transplant. Somewhere in the world, someone is thinking of the child they lost that I got their donated cornea. Most of the times, I don't think about it. Somtimes all of it hits me like a brick. Yesterday was a brick kind of day.

Lee's questions helped me to refocus on the here and now. God and the universe must have known I would needed what Lee posted. :)

Suna said...

That is so nice, Kelly, that you are really getting a lot out of these. My divorce came right around this time (so my birthday and that are the same, cheery). It's good to think of the bigger picture sometimes and remember the small happinesses in life!

Lee said...

I’m glad you enjoy the meals, but I understand life come first.

Kelly, that is the sweetest thing anybody has ever said about my blogging.

Suna, I love you. Anything I can do to make you happier....

Kelly said...

Thank you Suna. It's nice to be reminded I am not the only one.

Lee, glad I could encourage you a bit.

Just don't start getting a big head ok? :)

knitting dragonfly said...

Good food for thought, thanks