Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pictures and followers

I saw this new Followers gadget when I was on Suna's blog and then I realized that I have a couple followers too, I just didn't have the gadget. So now I've added it here too, see the left side! (although Drey appears twice, she's extra special)

Ok, not much time so mostly pictures with captions.

1) Paca-Peds surprise from MojaveSis

2) Perfect Day Yarns in Blustery Autumn Day from The Loopy Ewe. (the name reminded me of Winnie the Pooh)

3) Chameleon Colorworks, Evolution in October colorway, also from Loopy Ewe

4) Fun surprise, a big rope dragonfly made by friends. Now hangs on my bedroom wall

5) Namaste Messenger bag from Loopy Ewe. This thing is huge! (and the color is off)

6) Knit crown made for Peanut (almost 4-yo daughter of friends)

7) completed Traveling Scarf. The tags show who knit each section. (I do plan on removing them before wearing) Actually I still need to knit another end on in my original color.

8) Last two depict first two repeats of the Knotty-or-Knice socks from Interweave Knits. The yarn is the first being used from my Stitches trip. The teeny cables started out a bit problematic but I'm in a rhythm now and loving how it looks. The photos aren't great, my camera isn't made for close-ups.

Happy, productive and relaxed days for all!


apryl said...

i wanna mojave sister to send me yarn! really gorgeous....and to tell you just how good i am, i dyed some yarn for you to go in the package that would be...and it's SOOOO close in colors to the Blustery Autumn Day that i'm going to have to dye something else for you!!!! atleast i know i was on the right track and you would have liked it....lol...

messenger bag...AWESOME...#1 it's a messenger bag (what's not to love) #2 IT'S PURPLE! very sweet. my bags in my closet are very jealous they do not have a purple messenger bag to hang around with.

the crown...OMG...cuteness overload...do you have a pattern written down because my nieces need one of those immediately :)

traveling scarf is awesome cool.

socks 0_o sooo pretty but i swear i would be blind after 1 repeat. yeah...i'm not ready for those yet but i will admire yours from afar :)

Suna said...

I really like those socks. I may have to try that pattern soon.

And like Apryl, I do like that bag.

drey said...

i'm on there twice because i moved my blog to a different account, & don't know how to "un-follow" blogs i followed under the first account... 'sides, i really like you, & now you have proof. =)

Veeg said...

I am totally drooling over the Blustery Day yarn.

Also: do you have a pattern for the knit crown? I know a couple small children who would LOVE to get that in a Christmas package.