Friday, March 21, 2008

Lessons Learned

First Lesson: Always check labels
The charcoal grey mentioned in the last post is going back to the store. Most of you know I have a wool allergy. While I can deal with superwash as it's been stripped of all lanolin, regular low-processed wool sets me off into hives, stuffed nose and asthma. Well that Plymouth Yarn is 25% wool and I can't be near it for long. Why did I buy it? I don't know, in my enthusiasm of yarn shopping with a friend and to actually have sweater yarn that was pretty and soft, I never looked at the fiber content! Ugh! (I have ordered some Swish Worsted (superwash merino) from Knit Picks that I have used before, no problem, in Merlot Heather)

Second Lesson: Always wrap the yarn for short-rows
The socks below are finished, very quickly, about a week because they are just stockinette and DK weight so not as many stitches. Now, at one point I thought that I didn't need to wrap the stitches on the heel because "hey this yarn is thicker". Wrong! See the holes? That's what happens.

Here's the second sock heel, I did the wraps and no holes. I'm only planning to wear these around the house, so no big deal but glad I learned on this pair and not one I was working hard on!

Finished pair on the sock blockers. (Kitten loves the smell of cedar and likes to nuzzle those!)

Off to work! -DFly


LotusKnits said...

Glad you learned the wrapping lesson on a quick and easy pair of socks!

That sucks about your wool allergy. I'm glad superwash is ok though!

Chelsea said...

Sorry you had to return the yarn. That's sad.