Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Yarn Day!!

Today was a very good day! I took half the day off from work and got to spend the afternoon with Cami doing a mini-yarn crawl here in Milwaukee area. We went to Ruhama's, the Loop, and my favorite, Just 4 Ewe. It was great fun to just see Cami and then spend a day mostly without kids. (had my son at the last stop because I had to pick him up before daycare sold him as cheap labor)

I picked up some yarn for Mojave Sis, mostly baby yarn that she requested and then a surprise yarn. She can post those when she gets them.

For me, I got enough charcoal grey Plymouth Yarn to knit a cardigan I've been eyeing up. Now I don't have an excuse not to start! It's not super exciting yarn but I want a cardigan that I can keep at work because it's cold there and I wanted something that's fairly durable because I'm not one to baby my stuff too much. I actually picked up 8 skeins but didn't feel like photographing a big pile of grey matter.

Then for the exciting yarns! Two colors of JL Yarns Vinca. This was new at the Ewe and Jan (owner) had a sock knit up and it was a really pretty gradual color shift. Not standard striping so I'm really looking forward to seeing how they come out!

At Ruhamas I picked up a skein of Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn, beautiful bright peacock blue color! It's one of Sis' favorite colors but she can't have this one

Oh, exclusively at Just 4 Ewe (at least I'm pretty sure she's exclusive) I also picked up these two shawl pins today because they'll work for the cardigan (it doesn't have buttons). And now I've actually met Kim the designer so that's more fun. The cat and sheep pins were bought on a previous trip but I never blogged about them. I had sent a cat to Sis and didn't want her to have a clue and then forgot!

And I realized I totally missed posting about my my Fearless Fiber sock yarn and sock blockers. I went to her shop for the sock blockers but fell in love with this Earthenware color.

So now we can all guess that DFly needs more knitting time! I have been working on a pair of "quickie" socks, they are a thicker weight so I started them over the weekend and they should be done tomorrow. Needed some instant gratification. I'll post pictures of those shortly after I get them done and then tell you the lesson I learned....

Last but not least, cards. First a card sent by my hospital knitter friend, just to say hi. I though it was very sweet.

Next is a card created by Sis, inside, matching the card are little sock sized stitch markers. If you click on the picture to make it bigger you can see better and they are worth the look.

Til next time! - DFly


apryl said...

great haul from your yarn crawl! i'm still completely jealous :) and lovely stitch markers!

knitter in the desert said...

Yeah that peacock jitterbug yarn is pretty cool looking...the Vinca stuff is real purty too but alas I will have to go w/o but really you send me enough yarn as it is....so I'm fine

knit'n post said...

Love the sock markers, especially with them having been made by someone special to you. Cool colours.