Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just another update...

Ok, these are Jaywalker socks, however they are about to "rip-it, rip-it" straight to frog pond because they are too big. But I can prove with picture that I did start two-at-a-time, toe-up. I haven't frogged yet because if I frog and don't restart immediately I may not because I'm annoyed about the whole thing. (my own fault for not thinking of negative ease when looking at measurements but at least they aren't super far)

In other news, saw Broadway Lion King today. I have to say it was just fabulous! We were in the 2nd row which was a little too close (couldn't see all of the stage) but we did get to see the costumes and everything up close which was very neat. I can't really do it justice explaining but son and I had a great time.

Sadder news, my car is acting up. Current suspicion is that the alternator has gone bad and decided to fry my battery. Nasty smell and weird sizzling noises from the battery compartment. I have a friend that will help me drop my car off but the whole thing is a pain. And it means I miss meeting up with other knitters tomorrow.

But generally things are going pretty well so I'll accept the bad, enjoy the good and move on with life!

Happy crafting - DFly
P.S. And my older kitty takes after her human mother... she has a sprained ankle.


Chelsea said...

FYI: Jaywalkers are less stretchy than most socks.

Sorry about your car. Mine is getting to the point where I am just waiting for something to break. It is 7 years old and nothing has gone wrong yet. Maybe I am paranoid.

Suna said...

Get well soon to the car. And yep, Jaywalkers are notoriously hard to get the right size, at least from all the blog reading I have done.

camillaknits said...

Jaywalkers have NO Stretch... believe me, they always look freaky-big. It's okay. Just keep going; the zigging and zagging will take care of fit problems. C