Monday, January 26, 2015

DragonflySoars 20150126 Girlfriend, Chauffer and...

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Chart Reading
  • Tips Mentioned
    • No stitch means truly do nothing
    • Stitch legend is usually the same
    • Stitches look like the legend…. Yo with O, slanted decreases with leaning slashes
    • Increase the size of your chart
      • Copy it and increase it in another software
      • Take it to a copy shop
      • Use a magnifying glass
      • Use an iPad application like Good Reader or Knit Companion
    • Keep a post-it ABOVE your work so you can see the stitches below that you’ve already worked
    • Use stitch markers for every pattern repeat
  • Fabulous video by Tina of the Knitting Blooms podcast
  • Not shown but a good resource.  TinCanKnits How to Read a Chart

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