Monday, August 27, 2012

DragonflySoars 20120827, Alpacas and More!

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Susan G Komen Prize Updates
  • Keegan Lane Yarns, Lofty Worsted in Frosty Hydrangea (donated by Livin4Fishin)
  • Little Miss Hannah Shawl knit by Tif is complete!


Other Mentions

Featured Music: "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5


Enid said...

Hi Vicki, comment in two parts this week!! this is cos I started watching without noticing the time. just to say, that I appreciate all shownotes. Having them gives reference points to help with commenting.
am away to bed now, and will retart watching in about ten hours
nighty-night xxx

Enid said...

well, took me longer than ten hours, but I watched and enjoyed.
Congrats on passing your original target. The Hannah shawl looks lovely, Tiff has worked well. Will be good to see her next week. I have only done one mystery shawl, and that was thru' a monthly magazine. The ones you mentioned would make me nervous!!! :))
ntil next time, take care, xxxx

Anne Adeline said...

Just wanted to say that I loved your podcast! (Stumbled upon it for the first time!) Just a question: would you say the Wooly Winder helps with tension and saves time? I have a Louet and think it would be much easier to spin with a Wooly Winder.
:) Anne