Monday, July 2, 2012

DragonflySoars 20120702, Best Present!

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Enid said...

Hi Vicki, what lovely gifts from Netta. I laughed over my card being missing, happens to me when I receive anything early:). At least I know it arrived, and glad you like it.
Part one of Hermione is looking very bright and pretty. Harvest Dew is still very yummy looking
have a great time tomozxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Enid said...

p.s. Silly me forgot to praise your clever MaMa, great idea to frame the first spinning!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to One very talented Lady.

Helena said...

your right Vicki, your mum gave you the best present ever. that was so thoughtful and creative of her. I love it.

i also really love that blue shawl pattern you were gifted by Roz. it looks so pretty and interesting.

Dont feel bad about not wanting to spin Bouclé yarn. i was taught how (or at leas attempted to be taught) by a fantastic spinning teacher and i hated it. i just could not get it to work, and i havent knit with much so i cant say that i like it.