Monday, May 21, 2012

DragonflySoars 20120521, Bits 'n Bobs

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Helena said...

i dont recommend winding your singles into a ball. i always end up in a big tangle and getting upset.

i now have an Andean plying tool, you can use our hands for it though to make a bangle.

good luck!

Enid said...

love the sock pic on opening credit screen. the colours and pattern would make a ''skinny rib'' vest for a young girl. Will the swap only be open to Ravelry members?

Dragonfly7673 (Vicki) said...

Helena, I saw someone on plurk with same issue today. Watched some videos on Andean plying.

Enid, hadn't thought about it but it would be nice to keep it on Ravelry as people can post pictures of their swap, but you are one of my most loyal viewers and I'd love you to participate even if you don't want to join Rav so maybe we can work something out. (but it is a nice site with tons of features *smile*)