Sunday, November 6, 2011

DragonflySoars 20111106, Wonderful Ramblings


Hat for Soldier. (link includes my instructions) Mine is knit from Cascade 220.   This is part of a hat drive a friend is doing. Amanda needs the hats by the 18th so you will need to mail them before that. Due to the short notice I'm offering a contest to encourage hat sending! Please see this thread on the Ravelry Board for more information

Works in Progress
Don't forget about the Colorwork Sweater KAL, see the Rules on the Ravelry Board

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Enid said...

Enjoyed this episode, Vicki. well done on the hat. I am not on RAV.
Enjoy the visit with Tiff, and safe travel.

Enid AKA Knitcrocxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the lovely mention of my podcast. My wedding was an awesomely fun day. we figured that yes, it was a wedding. but it was also a big party and people should have fun. along with all the handmade stuff we also had a photo booth area set up int he back corner and instead of a band we got our friend do set up their Rock Band stage and our guests were the entertainment as well! and a lot of our friends are involved in video game clubs and conventions so they loved that stuff.

Thank you so much for the screen shot tip!!! thats amazing. i didnt even know that you could do that. i would LOVE more tips from you Vicki. shared knowledge is a fantastic thing


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Vicki! I'm looking forward to see what kinds of hats your listeners create!

Anonymous said...

You made me smile with your happiness over your gift! Enjoy your podcast very much, thanks.