Sunday, October 16, 2011

DragonflySoars 20111016, Episode with No Name

Plurk Podcaster Challenge Goodie Bag revealed
Works in ProgressDon't forget about the Colorwork Sweater KAL, see the Rules on the Ravelry Board


Other things


Anonymous said...

wow thank you so much for mentioning my podcast. its so great that you like it because your podcast is one of my absolute favorites and i make sure to watch it as soon as i can after you have uploaded it. I love your show because it feels like i am having a conversation with a great friend while we are knitting together.

I'm glad i helped you feel a bit better this week and i hope next week is a happy one for you.


Enid said...

great episode. what a lovely collection for entering the PPC.
The sleeve looks cosy, and the colour selection is very nice.
As Helena wrote, happy weeks in future