Sunday, July 10, 2011

20110710 DragonflySoars This and That (Plus Mom's Dolls)

Works in Progress

  • Secret Project #1 - 2/3 complete
  • Secret Project #2 - Thought was complete but has issues, will be partially ripped out
  • Moderne baby blanket, Finished block 3, started block 4

Podcaster Challenge
  • Thread on Ravelry has list of podcasts and feel free to chatter!
  • Remember if you would like to donate prizes, contact Lois (KnittingsMyBag on Ravelry or Plurk)
  • Monday, August 22nd - Podcasters learn their patterns
  • September 2nd - 25th - Podcasters will record three episodes for the challenge. Beginning Announcement, Work in Progress and Completion

Contest drawing! Watch to see if you won!!

Special Segment on Mom's Dolls!

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MariGayle said...

Another great episode! Congrats, NanaMama!!