Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DragonflySoars 20110606, Blocking Demo

This is a video of me blocking my Wendy Johnson Summer Mystery Shawlette. It was created primarily for a friend of mine but I'm sharing it with everyone. It was my first time trying to do an "action" video so please forgive the technical difficulties with the sound

(Update on 6/8, 8:40am adding links)

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knitter in the desert said...

cute wittle Missy Kitty!
Actually cept for no sound in the first part - the video thing I believe was a success!

Bets said...

Thanks very much Vicki, this was really helpful! I have only blocked a couple of shawls with no ryhme or reason. It is wonderful to see the logical way you did it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Vicki! It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

i loved this thanks so much for going thru the trouble to film it! i found it very informative since i have never knit a lace thing to block yet but am close!

hmm i just wonder if i should get some wires or deal with 10x more pins?