Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Beezy Girl, may she be at peace

Years ago, a 21yo girl attempted to sell vacuum cleaners. She wasn't particularly good at it but in her travels she found a little chocolate brown kitten. The kitten had a frostbit half-ear so the owners did not want her. The girl took this little kitten home....

I already had two other cats that were known as "The Cat" and "The Little Cat" so this new kitten became "The Little Brown Kitty". (ok, I'm not so good at names) Little Brown Kitty eventually became LBK and later Beezy through interference from my mother who seems to think pets should have real names.

Beezy was always fiesty. The first day home alone, she managed to terrify the other two cats, both fully grown males, and claim dominance over the room in the apartment that had the food, water and cat litter. She remained little but never lost this independence.

The other cats moved on. "Little One" went with a boyfriend during a break-up. "The Cat" (renamed Trax) adopted other members of the family. But Beezy remained true, and while, over time, I went through bad times and good, rough periods and wonderful events, Beezy was always there, a constant companion for 17 years.

She has always been a wonderful, healthy kitty. She loved the new condo because she could run and play with her toys without Tigger realizing and pouncing. As a kitten she was always grumpy but amazingly she became incredibly loving the older she got. She had the loudest purr ever and would purr at the drop of a hat.

Then a couple weeks ago there was a significant change. My poor girl would not eat. Not even her favorites. She passed up KFC, she passed up ice cream. Within a week she became skeletal and she appeared to have given up. She would not purr, she kept hiding and if you tried to find her, she would drag herself to a new hiding place which was sad to watch.

It became apparent that it was her end and as I tearfully said good-bye, she finally looked at peace again.

Beezy was extra special and I will miss her.

"you love them all but sometimes there is one that just grabs your heart"
- My Mom

"Sometimes it's like two old souls finding each other"
- A new friend


Anonymous said...

Remember of these days you will see her eyes in another..and recognize her.

You'll know her when you see her. Gentle Hugs for you

rav: dispatcherval

InkyOrchid said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! *hugs*


Tamsie said...

Oh Vickie, how sad. She was with you a long time, and sounds like a real sweetie. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Carol said...

Oh Vicki, I'm sorry. It's always hard to lose a beloved pet, as they are part of the family.

knittingdragonflies said...

I'm so sorry! It is a difficult time when loosing a pet, they are so precious and innocent.
Hugs to you and your family