Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stitches... but no pictures

I went to Stitches and had a marvelous time! But the available light is not helping me get accurate pictures of the stash I aquired. It was late evening when we got home and so the sun was low in the sky and casting weird shadows. I tried indoors and outdoors, with and without flash and most of the colors come out weird shadowed, crazy neon bright (when they shouldn't be) or totally washed out.... so I'm going to wait on posting pictures.

The picture here is what I brought to prepare myself. My Ravelry tote customized to me, my Selfish Knitter's pin, my blue kitty/chair bag with a project for the bus, a folder full of pattern information to keep in mind, with my list of what I wanted and information on things like yarn standards and needle sizes, pen and paper to take notes, headache medicine, an additional fold-up tote and of course wallet, with money!!

I'll try again on pictures of the stash tomorrow. It's WAY too pretty to put it up with coloring!


Suna said...

Can't wait for the pictures!

K.T. said...

I am totally jealous you got to go to Stitches! Can't wait for pics either.