Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Days

Wednesday, we went to Six Flags Great America in Illinois. Being the middle of the week, most of the lines were pretty reasonable. The only one that was too long was the new Dark Knight coaster. (for the record, it's not worth a long line). My only annoyance is that they have now put $1 ride lockers in front of many of the rides. you need to put your stuff in them and they are only good for a max of 2 hours. (to discourage you from using one for multiple rides). But we had a good time and stayed the whole day. Below is a picture of the swings, the only ride son went on without me. He likes that one. Tried to get a picture of him swinging but I've got a slow digital so he's not actually in the picture, I just like how it came out.

Yesterday, we went to Chicago. The purpose of our trip was to see Wicked. Pictures were not allowed during the show but here's one of son by the poster. I had got us some slightly dressier clothes for this without being too dressy. There was a poor kid about son's age that walked by in full suit coat and tie, looking very irritable. Son turns and says "thanks mom for never making me do that when it's not needed. we are just the right amount of dressy". (and we were). The musical was beautiful, son loved it and talked about it the rest of the day.

Because we took the train to Chicago we actually arrived early for Wicked and we knew we were going to leave late so we took advantage of doing a couple other things. After we arrived, we actually went straight to Loopy Yarns on State Street. A nice little shop there. I got a few things.
Koigu Painter's Pallete sock in blue.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd. Two skeins in sock weight, named Springer. A single skein in worsted called Mixed Berries. (it's saying "make me into a hat")

Since we were on the train for 2-3 hours total during the day, I got one heel done on the socks that I carry with me. I don't work on these regularly so they are a slow pair. I tried something different this time, increasing the heel side quite a bit before doing the short rows. We'll see how it comes out later, I need to do the other heel before I can start going around and around again.

The other part of our trip, after Wicked was spent going to the Lego store. Son wasn't going to buy any Indiana Jones Legos because he's convinced Grumpy will want to buy him some for his birthday in another couple months. He did however get a pretty cool Dwarf castle set and we built it together this morning. Dwarves, of course, are miners so the castle actually has some really neat features for moving the mined crystals around. You can see that Tigger was our kitty supervisor, at least until he tried to eat some of them and then he got sent away.

Th-th-th-that's all folks!


PrincessPea said...

What a cutie your son is! My youngest son used to adore lego - it's what he would ask for every birthday and Christmas, so seeing the pics of your son's dwarf castle really brought back memories for me!

Chelsea said...

Josh and I have talked about going to Six Flags for ages, but have never gone. Well he has, but that was before he met me. I knew you would like Wicked! I wish I had been able to do a little more yarn shopping in Chicago, but the Twin Cities has a bunch of yarn shops so I think I will be fine.

Suna said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Your son looked great, and I think the Lego castle is a good reward for letting you enjoy the yarn shop!

My kids loved them, too. We have some Star Wars ones on display in the younger one's room. The rest are being saved for grandkids, along with the Brio trains ($$$)

knitting dragonfly said...

ooo Good trip, your son is really cute!

camillaknits said...

totally want to grope your yarns. Glad 'Wicked' was worth the trip... well, the knitting on the train was probably the smartest! Glad you guys had a blast.

apryl said...

omgoodness! that picture of him in front of the Wicked poster is adorable. what a cutie! my son is also wanting the Indiana Jones Lego set, he ended up with the video game instead. his castle looks like awesome good fun!