Sunday, May 25, 2008


Monkeys (shorter legs and eye of partridge heel flap) First completed pair of cuff-down socks. Still prefer toe-up but I like how they turned out.

Those were done with the April Yarn Pirate Booty. Here is the May Booty.

Melly sent me homemade cards for the Pay It Forward homemade items. I will sometime send Mojave Sis and Apryl something that I make for them. I'm keeping them nicely wrapped, if you want to see the rest, Melly has them on her blog.

Julipbag - actually designed for spinning but I like as a slightly bigger project bag. Have it stocked with items for baby blanket

This one is a Piddly Bag from Piddleloop, they are really hard to get and I was glad to have one. This one worked really well for holding my yarn for the monkeys above because I was doing two at once, off one ball of yarn and this is the only bag I have where the yarn lies nicely flat to do that without too much tangle. Friends of P is a forum dedicated to Piddleloop on Ravelry and is just full of really fun people. The "mine" pin is from the Selfish Knitters group, also on Ravelry, who are dedicated to knitting for those that appreciate our time and effort, so ourselves or those that have been deemed knit-worthy. The girl is Veruca… named after the Veruca in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Felted dragonfly stitch markers from Jelby who set them aside just for me.

And lastly, cute kitties. Usually these two don't get along but I got a rare picture of them together, behaving nicely.


PrincessPea said...

Wow- so much lovely stuff all in one post! I love the stitch markers, how perfect are they? And the sock are seriously cute. Like you, I prefer the toe-up method, if only because I'm never anxious about running out of yarn that way!

Suna said...

I do love the yarn the Monkey socks are made in. I like the areas of solid pink, especially. And yes, those stitch markers are so you!

I wish I were able to participate more in Ravelry forums. I haven't really found any "fun" ones yet, so I think while I am unemployed I will get off the ones with nothing going on and look for others.

razorknitgirl said...

Your Monkeys are full of win! I have gone from the top down to toe up and back to the top down stage of socks. You'll eventually do the same :)

apryl said...

love love love the monkeys...even if they are short :P great colors!

i forgot all about the pay it forward thing! am i supposed to post something on my blog? did i post something on my blog? *chuckles* look at me expecting you to keep track of my stuff *grinning*