Friday, April 18, 2008

Yes, I'm alive.

Let's see... I have knitting to do so I want to keep this short.

What's happened... well I got sick and missed a week of work basically. (I went in Monday and Thursday week of 7th and both days was told to go home) This week I managed to twist my ankle... *sigh*

But for better things.... I finished these socks. They started as Nutkins for Ravelry 2008 Sock Knit A Long but then I adapted them to be toe-up. then I read about them having bias so I mirrored part of the pattern. then I read that they don't have much stretch if you mirror the pattern so I decided to make a subtle rib on the back of the leg instead of continuing the pattern around.... So now they are really adapted nutkins. I call them my Oz socks because they are just bright Emerald City green. No matter how I try to take picture, I can't capture the true vibrancy of these.

These fun things came last week and made my sick days better. The stitch markers were made by Apryl for me. They are labeled to go with the patterns in Cat Bordhi's New Pathways sock book. The pins with the girl protecting her yarn stash are from the Selfish Knitters group on Ravelry. Her name is Veruca. The group is dedicated to making things for yourself and not giving away everything you make (or agree to make everything for everyone that asks). I met them through the same friend Apryl and actually just sent off a fun gift box to a swap buddy, Ravelry name AllEars, from that list, I hope she likes what I sent. (and silly me, I didn't take any pictures before I sent it!)

Lastly, here's another school project. It's a gigantic poster on "New England Colonies" (time period colonization to American Revolution). It was a very vague topic but son got it done and ended up with an A-! You can see him peeking out of the lower right.

Tomorrow I get to meet a friend for the first time. That sounds odd, but she's a friend of a friend who I met via email chains that we were both on. After awhile we realized we had more in common than just the chain and in the last couple of years we've dealt with guy issues and knitting/crocheting thing and try to keep each other updated with what is going on in life. She lives in Florida but she's here for a visit and I can't wait to actually meet her tomorrow!

Yarn Item A: Claudia Hand-Painted Short Sock yarn, three skeins, won in a Magic Loop contest on Ravelry. I was surprised to win and then I was expecting one skein, not three! It's really pretty!

Yarn Item B: Conjoined Creations Flat Feet yarn. This yarn is knit by machine into a "flat" and then dyed. You then unravel it as you knit with it straight from the flat. Some of the socks I've seen come out really neat with this yarn, I was happy to get my hands on some.

Ok, now I'm off to make kitty toys for Ravelry Kitty Toy Swap. Hoping these go as quick and easy as I'm expecting.



PrincessPea said...

I love the idea of these - I've never seen a finished sock though, so I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turn out!

knitter in the desert said...

Apparently I was a bad sister and did not comment on the finished nutkins....never mind all the praises I have bestowed on these lovely bright green socks of Oz wonderness during their process of creation....

apryl said...

love the OZ socks!